Our tiny human is 26 weeks and 5 days.
Even after all that time im still so amazed that my body is capable of such an incredible thing.
Im in awe at the fact that this baby is growing and getting ready for their big debut at the end of November.
We cant wait to find out what hair colour they have, their eye colour, if they have any freckles or birth marks like my own.

48 mozerella sticks.
Thats how many I bought today because I got excited that I could finally satisfy my craving.

No regrets.

*breastfeeding in public*
*random woman looking at me in disgust*
Me: oh I'm sorry am I disturbing you by feeding my child?
Woman: I just don't see the need for you to expose your breast like that while some of us are trying to eat
Me: hmm I have a blanket if you like?
Woman: yes that would help
Me: here *passes blanket* cover your head with it you ignorant fool. My child is also trying to eat.