Baby didnt let us see if they were male or female today. I cried a bit when we got home because I was so excited to know then we came back not knowing still.
Which I feel bad for because baby is healthy and perfect and a little sweetie no matter what gender.

Time is going so slow.
Scan in 4 hours, 4 hours until we see our little one and learn another nugget of information about them!



So today on the bus there was this little boy, he was talking to his mom about how he had a crush on someone in his class. His mom asked him “Oh, what’s her name, honey” and he said “no”. All she said was “Oh, is it a boy then?” with a smile on her face, and then asked what his name was. Then the boy told her to guess and so the conversation went on.
This is how a parent should react, all respect to this woman.

O M G !

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Lots of movement this morning

I think baby is as excited about getting a working shower today/tomorrow as I am

Also, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow is scan day! Im so nervous and excited to find out the gender oh my.
I have a feeling im going to cry more at this one..learning another thing about baby that will help me bond further with them is going to tip me over the edgeand into a waterfall of happy tears and love for our little family

Finishing it now or i never will

Day Twenty five: Are you scared about labor? Damn right i am. Pushing a baby out is some crazy stuff and ive never done it before. 

Day Twenty six: Who will help you most when your baby is here? Shaun. And our families of course, we are very lucky to have both our families be so supportive and ready to help us out.

Day Twenty seven: How are you preparing for the baby? Buying everything he or she will need and reading up on anything i can

Day Twenty eight: Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time? 
Yeeesssss. Yes i absolutely will cry because wow how could i not im too emotional not to

Day Twenty nine: Will you have godparents? No i dont think so

Day Thirty: What are you looking forward to most about being a mother? Everything. Good and “bad”. But mostly seeing little one grow in to their own personality and being their own little teeny tiny person

Definitely feeling some kicks today!
Felt them when i was laying in bed this morning and now while im at the so excited im nearly crying <3

Pregnancy survey.

About You

Name? Taryn Lykaina Rose (two middle names, hell yeah)

Age?  22

Height? 5’2 

Hair Color? Red, dark red almost brown type of red

Eye Color? Green in the middle, blue on the outside

About Your Pregnancy

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes

When did you find out you were pregnant? 4th of March, after being sick for three days straight and missing a period

Did you consider abortion or adoption? In a moment of panic. I knew id never seriously think of it let alone go through with it. 

How does the father feel about the pregnancy? Excited and happy and its so cute!

How do you feel? The happiest ive felt in a long time

Was it planned? Nope

What was your first reaction? I cried, panicked and shook and then let it sink in that this was really happening and i wouldnt change a thing

Who was with you when you found out? The only person i needed, the father of little one

Who was the first person you told? After showing Shaun we told my mum..

How did your parents react? My mum was so adorable, she was so happy and said she had figured it out pretty much, both our mums guessed due to me being so sick but yeah, all extremely happy it was so lovely to get such a positive reaction

How far along are you?  19 weeks.

What was your first symptom? Missed period, but i was in denial and assumed it was because i was stressed or something, plus a missed/late period isnt uncommon for me. Then came the sickness which knocked me down for weeks at a time. Gross. 

What is your due date? 27th November 2014

What sex are/were you hoping for? We think its a girl, have done since the start, but if its a boy that would be so adorable too

Do you know the sex of the baby? Nooo, next week though!

If so, what is it? -

Will you circumcise if it’s a boy? Absolutely not. No. 

Have you picked out names?  We think so, yeah..

If so, what are they?  A secret, thats what they are (;

How much weight have you gained? I honestly dont know, weight is a sensitive subject so im trying not to focus on it too much

Innie or outie? Innnnie

Do you have stretch marks?  No new ones i dont think

Do you take prenatal vitamins? I tried, but pills dont go down well with me at all

Have you felt the baby move? I literally just did, a little kick or punch to say hello

Have you heard the heartbeat? Aw yess so cute, overwhelming in the best way

Has your baby got the hiccups yet?Not that ive been aware of

Do you have any supplies yet? Some clothes we bought and a few bigger bits passed down or borrowed from family

What are you looking forward to? Right now, seeing baby and finding out the gender, but everything really

Are you financially able to care for a child? Not on my own, no. But with Shaun and our family helping us we will be just fine. Id love for us to have more money but we have enough to get by and get what we need

What is your worst symptom? Nausea and sickness. By far thats my worst, HG is gross. 

Have you had any food cravings? Cheese and milkshakes

Have you had any food aversions? Tea, cant drink that and i used to live off it, the idea of it makes me feel ill. 

Do you wear maternity clothes? Not yet, i wore baggy clothes anyway so everything still fits 

Do you smoke or drink? Never smoked but i stopped drinking absolutely

Are you going to use disposable or cloth diapers? Disposable, i admire those brave enough to go cloth but its not for me

How big is the baby so far? Big mango according to the app i use haha

How are you sleeping? Very well thank you, i do sleep all the time though so i guess its kinda naughty but i have no energy most days

Any complications with your pregnancy? None thankfully

Have you seen your baby do any strange things during an ultrasound? I dont think so, baby was pretty chilled on the first ultrasound, a few back stretches and arm waves but nothing crazy

Do you get any criticism about your pregnancy? Im sure people have probably got something to say about it, people on here arent afraid to go on anon and tell me they think pregnancy is ugly and such. Nothing in perso so far. 

Will you send the child to private, public, home school or charter school? Public

About the birth

Will you keep the baby? Definitely

Home or hospital birth? Hospital. As nice as im sure home birth would be i would rather be somewhere i know we can get help if we need it

Natural or medicated birth? If i can, natural. If i need medication or any other intervention then so be it. As long as baby comes out safely.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Probably just Shaun

Will you breastfeed? I definitely plan on trying to yeah

Do you think you’ll need a c-section? Oh man i hope not. The idea of its always scared the hell outta me

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time? I can pretty safely say that i will, yeah

What’s the first thing you might say to him/her? Thats not something i can guess at really

Would you let someone videotape the birth? I highly doubt it to be honest, the first few minutes after yeah but not the actual thing haha

Are you excited about the birth, or scared? Both, fear of the unknown of birth and what its like and excitement about meeting little one properly


Another Peaceful Protest outside Fareham British Heart Foundation today! We got alot of attention and hopefully get the message across to some people!

For those that are not aware, The british heart foundation charity, uses customer donations to go towards sick and mutilating experiments on animals where the animals are then killed after. 

Experiments are done on many animals such as Dogs and heavily pregnant sheep, where they artificially induce a heart attack. So they can pump them full of drugs whilst the animal is awake with no anesthetic!!

It is cruel and disturbing we are here to voice it for the animals and stop these barbaric experiments!!

These experiments are also a waste of time as animals dont not react to the drugs the same as humans do! There are alot better alternative solutions and cruelty free experiments proven to have made a difference!!

To find out more please visit the facebook page or website @

This is something we are both very passionate about and hope to teach baby about it in the most sensitive way possible.
We wont force our views on our child (about anything), we will inform them and let them make their own decisions.

This week has been lovely.
Felix bought me my favourite craving foods which has made for a happy tummy and a happy baby.
Today we munched and watched a couple of horror films.
Tomorrow we go on a peaceful protest against animal testing by the british heart foundation.
My mum bought baby some anti badger cull baby grows and I cant wait for them to arrive! Her first grandparent purchase so she is excited about them too.

And friday 13th is always a fun day of course.